We help women love their hair again.

Our PerfectMatch blends hair throughout your thinning areas to provide the proper coverage, thickness, and length and creates a natural look that you can feel comfortable and confident in.

Our PerfectMatch

We designed our PerfectMatch as an integrated solution. We enhance your existing hair instead of covering it up or shaving it off. This allows your hair to breathe, move freely, and continue to grow. The result is a PerfectMatch for your hair.

NJ Hair Center Before & After Illustration

Custom Blend

We match your color, texture, and length to blend hair only where it's needed.


We prefer a non-invasive approach to improving your hair’s appearance.

Hair 24/7

Enjoy waking up with hair and going to bed with hair – and everything else in between.


Because we believe in keeping your hair healthy, we don’t use any adhesives.

Before & After

We’re different.


We offer our services with a friendly hand and never with a sales pitch.


We provide realistic expectations about how we can help you and your hair.

Loyalty Program

We value the relationship with our customers and offer rewards along the way.

Private Rooms

Relax in the comfort of a private consultation and enjoy your own private application room.

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