Feel comfortable and confident with your own hair.

Trichotillomania can be frustrating, stressful, and damaging to your self-confidence.

People living with trich are also living with a collection of hats, a drawer full of headbands, or a secret stash of hair toppers and wigs; all the unnecessary necessities needed to hide the damage caused by hair-pulling. But even with these cover-up options available, people still feel trapped, uncomfortable, and self-conscious about their appearance.

That’s why we created the PerfectMatch Integration that benefits both your self-being and your hair. Unlike hair toppers and wigs, the PerfectMatch Integration is designed for your specific hair loss and can instantly deliver a full head of hair.

Our PerfectMatch Integration promises results, happiness, and the freedom of having your hair back.

We are proud to be a Hair Care Service member for the TLC Foundation which provides connections, referrals, outreach programs, and research for Trichotillomania.
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The PerfectMatch Integration

The PerfectMatch Integration blends human hair throughout your pulled-out or uneven areas to provide the proper coverage, thickness, and length that your hair needs. Designed to protect your scalp and discourage hair-pulling, the PerfectMatch Integration allows your hair to continue to grow while creating a natural look that you can feel comfortable and confident in.


We match your color, texture, and length and blend hair only where needed.


We prefer a non-invasive approach to improve your hair’s appearance.

Hair 24/7

We want you to wake up and go to bed with hair, and everything else in between.


We keep your hair healthy by not using any glue or adhesives.

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We provide realistic expectations about how we can help you and your hair.

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Comb Through More Info About Trichotillomania

  • Trichotillomania is the most common disorder that no one’s ever heard of. While affecting 4% of the population (that’s 312 million people), it is rarely ever seen or talked about.

  • You can probably think of a dozen or more words and phrases that describe someone’s hair; shiny, beautiful, thick, slicked back, her crowning glory, luxurious, silky, a lion’s mane, he has hair like...

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