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Top Treatments for Trichotillomania

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Key Takeaways:

  • PerfectMatch Integration
  • PerfectMatch Wigs
  • Habit Reversal Training
  • You can get your confidence and happiness back!


Trichotillomania, otherwise known as ‘trich’ is a common disorder that involves sufferers experiencing the overwhelming urge to pull out their hair – whether from their head, eyebrows, eyelashes, or other parts of their body. In the majority of cases, once a person with trichotillomania has pulled out their hair, they feel a sense of relief, as well as the inability to stop pulling their hair out, even if they want to stop.

Trichotillomania is often left undiagnosed because people regard it as simply a bad habit. However, it can sometimes lead to more severe physical and psychological problems. And, while research on the condition is limited, there are several trichotillomania treatments people can try to help – and some even offer instant results.

PerfectMatch Integration

At NJ Hair Center, we recognize that trichotillomania can not only impact the way a person living with the condition physically looks but can have a significant effect on their mental wellbeing. That’s why we’ve created our PerfectMatch solution. Whether you use PerfectMatch on its own, or you combine PerfectMatch with other treatments, one thing is for sure, we can instantly deliver you a full head of hair – and we know just how priceless that is.

Our PerfectMatch Integration is a non-surgical solution designed specifically for those who suffer from trichotillomania. Here, we blend human hair throughout your pulled-out or patchy areas to create thick coverage while allowing your hair to continue to grow. Better still, this solution discourages hair-pulling and protects your scalp. 

This solution is glue-free, non-surgical, and best of all, our color-match service means that we will ensure the color, texture, and length of the human hair is the same as your natural locks, promising 24/7 comfort and total confidence.

PerfectMatch Wigs

In some cases, people who suffer from trichotillomania might feel more comfortable wearing a wig. And, although there might be many wigs on the market, we can’t help but be biased towards our PerfectMatch solution. At NJ Hair Center, our knowledge of trichotillomania means we can offer solutions designed especially for those suffering from the condition.  

We have two wig solutions available, depending on each person’s circumstances. Both are non-surgical and custom-made. The difference is that one uses a gentle but strong adhesive to secure the wig, and the other doesn’t. Best of all, though, they both promise instant results and happiness.

Habit Reversal Training

A common treatment for trichotillomania is habit reversal training, which, in short, involves replacing hair-pulling with something that’s not harmful. 

There are four main elements to habit reversal training, and those are:

  • Keeping a record of when you pull your hair out. This will help you to recognize patterns in your behavior, becoming more aware of when you pull your hair out and the triggers that might cause this.
  • Working out your trichotillomania triggers and learning how to avoid them.
  • Learning to replace hair pulling with another action, including squeezing a stress ball, tightening your fists, and deep breathing. 
  • Continuous emotional support and encouragement from loved ones.

Of course, habit reversal training is likely to be the preferred solution for those who pull hair from other parts of their body, not just their head. If trichotillomania causes you to pull hair from your head, it might be that you decide to combine habit reversal training with PerfectMatch Integration or Wigs. This would lead to you learning to combat the condition thanks to habit reversal training while giving you an instant full head of hair thanks to our PerfectMatch solutions.

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