Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PerfectMatch?

Our PerfectMatch is a non-surgical solution for men and women with hair loss. By blending hair with your thinning hair, we provide the proper coverage, thickness, and length that your hair needs.

Will the PerfectMatch work for my hair type?

Yes! Our PerfectMatch helps with all hair types and textures. 

How does the PerfectMatch work?

We custom match your hair color, texture, and length, and blend hair only where needed, creating a natural look that you can feel confident in.

What’s the difference between the PerfectMatch solution for men, women, and trichotillomania?

There’s really not much of a difference. Our PerfectMatch works the same for men and women with hair loss and for people with trich. 

How is the PerfectMatch different from other hair products?

With our PerfectMatch, you can enjoy your hair 24/7 – shower, sleep, work out, swim, etc. It’s that simple. And we keep your hair healthy by not using any glues or masking your scalp.

Is the PerfectMatch safe for my hair?

We believe in keeping your hair healthy. That’s why we don’t use any glues or mask your scalp. This allows your hair to breathe, move freely, and continue to grow. It’s safe to say our PerfectMatch is a healthier solution for wearing hair.

How is the hair blended?

It’s hard to explain our blending technique in words, which is why we offer free consultations – so you can see firsthand how our PerfectMatch works.

Does the PerfectMatch use any glues?

We believe in keeping your hair healthy, so we don’t use any glues or adhesives.

What type of hair is used?

We only use human hair here. We hope that’s okay!

Can I wash my hair with the PerfectMatch?

Of course! Our PerfectMatch is designed so that you can wash, brush, and style your hair like it’s your own. 

Can I swim with the PerfectMatch?

Our PerfectMatch is ocean and pool-friendly, so you can enjoy a fun day at the beach or take a few laps around the pool. 

Can I color my hair with the PerfectMatch?

Your roots (and grays) will continue to grow, so you can still color your hair whenever you want to.

Can I use heat with the PerfectMatch?

Of course! Use your favorite styling tool and easily create your go-to look.

Can I relax my hair with the PerfectMatch?

Your roots will continue to grow (and show), so you can still relax your hair whenever you want to.

Can I still see my hairstylist?

We would never come between you two! But to make things easier, we can always color or cut your hair during your monthly visit with us.

Does the PerfectMatch need any services?

Haircare services are needed, so plan to visit our salon once a month to keep your hair looking it’s best.

How much does it cost to service the PerfectMatch?

Depending on the service, a visit can cost anywhere from $80 – $250.

How long does the PerfectMatch last?

Our PerfectMatch is designed to be worn every day for up to 8 to 12 months.

What does the PerfectMatch cost?

Our PerfectMatch is priced between $1000 – $3000, depending on which option is best for you and your hair.

What payment options are available?

We offer no-interest financing so you can enjoy your hair and not worry about the upfront cost.

What is the consultation all about?

We like to think of our consultations as educational. We explain what the PerfectMatch is and show you how it works with your hair.

Do you help with other hair products?

Yes! We offer services for any hair product that is applied using thread, glue, tape, or clips.

How much does it cost to service other hair products?

It all depends on the product and how it’s applied, but these services cost between $125 – $325.

Do you accept insurance?

We don’t currently accept insurance as payment, but we’re working to make that happen.

Can I get a tax deduction with the PerfectMatch?

When filing your taxes, you can claim our PerfectMatch as a cranial prosthesis under medical expenses and see if you qualify for a deduction.

How long has NJ Hair Center been in business?

We opened NJ Hair Center in October of 2019. Although the business is fairly new, the owner has been in the hair loss industry for the past 10 years.

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