Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PerfectMatch Process?

Our PerfectMatch Process is a non-surgical hair enhancement solution that blends real human hair with your thinning hair without using any glues.

How is the hair blended?

It’s hard to explain our blending method in words, which is why we offer free consultations – so you can see firsthand how our PerfectMatch Process works.

Are glues or adhesives used?

We believe in preserving your existing hair and avoid using glue or masking your scalp. We allow your hair to breathe, move freely and continue to grow.

Is the PerfectMatch Process permanent or temporary?

We consider our PerfectMatch Process to be semi-permanent- it’s wearable 24/7, but can be removed. We go over this in more detail during your free consultation.

Does the PerfectMatch Process work with any hair texture?

Our PerfectMatch Process works with all hair texture types. We match your exact color, texture, and length and blend the hair only where you need it.

Can I still wash my hair or partake in daily activities?

Our PerfectMatch Process allows you to wash, brush, and style your hair with freedom and enjoy your favorite activities without restraints.

Can I still dye or relax my hair?

You can still address all your hair care needs while wearing our PerfectMatch Process.

Can I use heat with the PerfectMatch Process?

We use real human hair, allowing you to use any heated styling tool to create your desired hairstyle.

Can I still use my hairstylist or continue to go to my salon?

You can keep your hairstylist for your routine color, cuts, and blowouts or we can take care of these services for you.

Is there any maintenance required with the PerfectMatchProcess?

Our PerfectMatch Process needs monthly care services that address your regrowth and keep you looking your best. We can go over this in more detail during your free consultation.

How much does it cost to maintain the PerfectMatch Process?

Depending on which care services are needed at the time, our services range from $15 – $250.

How long does the PerfectMatch Process last?

We guarnatee the PerfectMatch Process will last up to a year; it can last longer but depends on the care given.

What does the PerfectMatch Process cost?

Our PerfectMatch Process ranges from $600 – $2,500, depending on how much hair you need or want. Your price is determined during the free hair consultation.

What payment options do you offer?

We have no-interest payment plans available so you can enjoy your hair and not worry about the cost. 

Do you accept insurance as payment?

We don’t currently accept insurance as payment, but we’re working to make that happen.

Can I get a tax deduction wearing the PerfectMatch Process?

When filing your taxes, you can claim your PerfectMatch Process as a medical expense to see if you qualify for a tax deduction.

Do you maintain other hair products?

We offer services for any hair enhancement product that is applied using thread, glue, tape or clips.

How much does it cost to maintain other hair products?

Depending on what product you are wearing and how it is applied, our services range from $15 – $250.

What does the consultation involve?

We like to think of our consultations as educational. We explain what the PerfectMatch Process is and demonstrate how it works with your hair.

What if I am already wearing a hair product? Can I still come in for the consultation?

You can still enjoy the benefits of your private consultation, regardless of whether you are currently wearing a hair product.

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